Unfoldment Logbook

By Carol Collins

Price: $17.00 (paperback)

Jeshua masterfully designed the Unfoldment Logbook to complement any meditation, unfoldment, or intuitive development study program. It creates compartmentalization between competing tendencies of the mind – going psychic and going clairvoyant. Clairvoyance learned properly aligns receiving with your Guide and Loved Ones and eliminates the need to go psychic (retrieving memories from people who are still living). The simplicity is intended and when applied promotes true connection, true alignment, and true conversation with those in the afterlife. Gentle guidance found throughout the journal followed by gentle entries of receiving create a gentle yet accurate ability to receive clean, clear, and accurate. The Unfoldment Logbook specifically aligns with the Unfoldment Into Channeling course offered through The Pittsburgh Medium and is the one place where true channeled teaching on how to become a medium is found.

About Carol Collins

Carol Collins is the original channel for The Jeshua Collective. Much to her surprise, her abilities spontaneously manifested in March 2019. After nine months of quiet meditation “face spelling” was introduced as a means of direct communication followed by “voice giving” (trance channeling) within a few weeks. Through her, Jeshua teaches about collective consciousness, manifesting with ease, health and wellness through natural healing, and intuitive studies bringing out the natural abilities of communicating with Source in everyone – the Four Pillars of Learning that they call The Essential Material. She offers private sessions with Jeshua for readings and attunements daily, retreats, and signature workshops frequently. She has been interviewed by celebrity personalities, featured in over two dozen magazines, has an extensive list of courses available in the Jeshua’s Center for Intuitive Studies, and had eleven books written through her in 2021 alone – and more are on the way. The first, Ocularity of the Mind was released in fall 2022.

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