The Gifts of Grace & Gratitude

U Empath You
Universal Messages and Personal Stories Bringing Inspiration and Resources for You

Compiled By Rebecca Saltman & Jade Rehder

Price: $22.00

Are you an Empath or Know One???

We have collectively gone through the greatest empathy exercise of all time. As an empath, you may be feeling more “feels” than ever before and are seeking tools to manage them. We have been there, and U Empath You is our answer to that call.

U Empath You is a collection of stories by extraordinary sensitives who have navigated significant and sometimes life-altering transformations. These empaths have at times wobbled along the way or resisted their inner feelings and then decided to pursue their knowing and face their trials with courage, grace, and humor. Their stories will ease your journey with guidance and inspiration so you can make the empowering changes you envision for your life.

The need for energy hygiene has expanded and intensified as an unprecedented number of people awaken in their empathic nature. Our desire is to assist our fellow empaths in utilizing their gifts and shift from “Help me, this is too much” to “I am showing up as my bright, shiny self!”


  • Your sensitivity was no longer seen or perceived as too much?
  • Your ability to feel the big feels was a superpower?
  • You could share the “secret” empath world you live in?
  • Instead of trusting only what is in the “outside world” you trusted what was inside you?
  • Your Elders’ stories hold wisdom for you and your future?
  • Feeling and being told you’re different was the connection to your natural talent?

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Be Inspired.

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The Gifts of Grace & Gratitude