The Gifts of Grace & Gratitude

The Art & Truth of Transformation for Women
The Magic of Shifting Your Mindset and Opening Your Heart to Consciously Live a Life You Love

Compiled By Sue Urda & Kathy Fyler

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Transformation Is a Process of Becoming
The Question Is…Who Are You Becoming?

Living a transformational life means you are in a constant state of evolution. For some it is a growing and expanding process, while for others it resembles morphing from one way of being to the next. For the authors of this book, it is an ongoing and ever-changing process of cocooning, resisting, birthing, shedding, and emerging to new ways of thinking, feeling, showing up, and “being” in their lives. In all cases, the author transformations are a result of shifting the mindset and opening the heart to realize their desires and live a life they love. Transformation is the worthy process of becoming one’s highest and best self.

As you read the stories of these 20 inspiring women, you will feel their pain and joy, laugh and cry with them, learn the lessons they learned, and ultimately come to love them for being such courageous beacons of hope. In many cases, you will see yourself reflected in their journeys.

The Art & Truth of Transformation for Women is filled with personal and heartfelt stories by women who are wayshowers. teachers, coaches, and empowered individuals. They are here to let you know that the possibility of change, beauty, and grace exists for all of us. Their wish for you is to ease, encourage, and elevate your transformation through the example of their own.

Discover these Valuable & Transformational Lessons::

  • Authenticity is the highest form of self-love
  • Grief, loss, and despair often trigger new beginnings
  • Faith plus taking the first step can lead to a whole new life
  • When the student is ready the teacher will appear
  • Heal your life through mind-body-spirit modalities
  • Release fear and darkness to allow your bright future
  • Law of Attraction helps create a life and business you love
  • Living from your heart invites opportunity
  • Tough times and failure are often blessings in disguise
  • There is more to this life than we have been taught
  • Doing well by doing good is possible for everyone

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