Thankful for life Planner

By Brittany B Chavis

Price: $17.00 (paperback)

The thankful for Life planner is your one stop shop to assist in your journey to maintain good health. Whether you deal with a chronic illness or just want to live a healthier life, this planner will keep your life on the right track. The planner not only allows you to track your triggers and medication, it enables you to become more involved in your health! In order to be our best selves, we must also take care of your mental health. This planner encompasses living better in all aspects of life through affirmations and noting what is important to you!

About Brittany B. Chavis

Brittany Chavis is a native of Lake Charles, LA. She is a full time attorney, wife, and mother. In 2014, her life was abruptly affected when she was diagnosed with Lupus. Since that time, Brittany has made it a mission to educate others about this invisible disease and how to be thankful for life in spite of an illness. She created the acronym LIFE, which stands for Life Is Fighting Everyday as a testament that you have to fight daily to become a better you! This planner was inspired by her journey to be actively involved in her treatment process. After sharing her experience with other lupus warriors, Brittany is ready to share these methods through this planner.

Live Beyond Your Loss