Chronicles of a Spirit Walker
A Medium’s Journey of Light Beyond the Veil

By Uma Alexandra Beepat

Price: $14.14 (paperback)

“Living a life with natural and intuitive psychic abilities but not using them, is living half a life. You have no idea what you are missing.”
-Uma Alexandra Beepat

Uma Alexandra Beepat has been communicating with Spirit her entire life – it’s a gift, but that doesn’t mean it’s always been easy. In Chronicles of a Spirit Walker, Uma shares her journey as she walked a tightrope between this world and the next while learning to embrace her soul purpose. Along the way she has dealt with the skepticism of others and her own concern that she might be crazy; however, the challenges are far outweighed by the countless blessings and miracles Spirit has given her and her clients. From the long-deceased guru who guided her to his ashram to the friend from beyond the grave teaching a lesson to his living skeptical friend – each story is a testament to the power of Spirit to cross the veil and support us in our everyday lives. Chronicles of a Spirit Walker also shares tips and exercises we can use to create a deeper connection with Spirit. Whether you are a developing medium searching for your tribe, or simply wondering if those signs from your loved one are real, the stories in Chronicles of a Spirit Walker will warm your heart and send those chills of validation up your spine.

About Uma Alexandra Beepat

Uma Alexandra Beepat is a Psychic Medium, Soul Alignment Coach, Love Coach, Author, Speaker, Livestreamer, and CEO of the Lotus and the Light Metaphysical Center located in Northern Virginia. Uma serves her community through online and in-person services and classes through her center. She offers training and mentorship for those interested in spiritual and self-development, as well as psychic mediumship and energy healing development.

Though she has taught classes around the world, sometimes to groups of more than one hundred, Uma prefers to work one-on-one with clients in one of her private mentorship programs, which can be found on

As a Top Badge livestreamer on the Meetme app, Uma provides psychic readings and metaphysical talks centered on Love and Relationships. She works as a self-development and love coach for those wishing to find love and healing from loss of love.

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