Run with Scissors
a guide for taking risks to discover your purpose

Launch Date – September 10, 2021
By Jane Lump

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Perception, especially self-perception, is a funny thing.  How do we know if the objects and events we see are actually in focus or simply the blurred fantasies of our imagination?   How do we know if our personal lens is calibrated to reality?  As she considered her most important life lessons, Jane Lump realized that many of her current “truths” actually contradict what is considered common sense or conventional wisdom.  This book captures these concepts and provides tactics for balancing the “what is” with the “what if,” for understanding the ways we are what we have been programmed to be, and / or the person we choose to be.  

Jane Lump is a reader and journal writer, former professor of Rhetoric and Composition, and professional communicator with over 25 years of experience helping others communicate important issues to motivate action. These experiences led her to consider how breaking a few rules can lead to new wisdom.  This book explores the lessons she learned from her early memories as Catholic grade school student in a small hometown in the Midwest, to the board rooms of Fortune 50 communication and change management clients.  An avid reader of fiction and nonfiction, both great and ghastly, Jane peppers her own stories with the insights and truths she found among those pages. 

Today, Jane helps individuals explore their purpose and form step-by-step plans to make their dreams a reality.  Prior to this, she spent ten years in academia, teaching at both Purdue and Valparaiso Universities and speaking and publishing in the areas of learning and creativity. Jane holds a B.S. in Education from Ball State University and an M.A. from Purdue University, where she completed all but her dissertation for a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition. She has advanced training in the Synectics® and Grove® methods of facilitation and creative problem solving and in the Michael Gelb method of Mindmapping as a way to generate, record and align group thinking by engaging both the right and left brain.


About Jane Lump
Jane Lump is a life-long observer of people and is especially curious about the language they use to define themselves. After a “real” career as a change management consultant, she finally realized that you can’t “manage” someone else’s change—you can only listen, witness, and inspire it. Using the skills earned as a professional facilitator, she now works with tools like mind mapping and facilitated graphics to help individuals and small teams align and move in a common direction toward their vision and purpose.

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