Mind Body Connection
Create Your Reality and Pave the Way to Your Intuitive Abilities


By Carol Collins

Price: $22.00 (paperback)

The second of 11 books written in 2021 by The Jeshua Collective through their channel, Carol Collins and they do not disappoint! Written in just 11 hours cover to cover, Jeshua delights readers once again using storytelling, logic, and down to earth examples for how the mind and body must work in unison to heal and to hear your Guide Team clearly. There is nothing like learning from The Jeshua Collective. Their Teachings just sink in.

~ you were created to receive ~

“We love people. We love what you do. We love what you think except that we also know what it does to your etheric body. It is difficult to clear that which you are not aware of. But, when you do, we do more. When you retreat, we draw you further back. When you engage, we envelope you with confidence so that you can speak your truest thoughts. We clean The Grid in other words – constantly. You Guide does but we are the Teachers who taught those Beings how to do that job. We love that you are interested in learning directly from us. We teach that topic. If only that were enough to convince you that we know it best… But we will lovingly guide you to the Truth unceasingly.

Forever yours, A/S of Jeshua Collective”

Be at peace as you read this. Breath softly, exhale fully. For within these pages are weavings of intellect, of Source frequency as well as Knowledge. The team of Beings that I call my nonphysical best friends are Teachers, let the capitalization of that word be meaningful to you. It is by their doing that it is written that way. They are here to guide us, to teach us, to clean out our clogged pipes – so that – we all “get stuff” on purpose. I love that! I love this topic and most of all I love that you have chosen it. They are with you as you read it, guiding you back to it and to certain pages that are meaningful for you at the moment you read it. Occasionally, let the book fall open and read just the page or paragraph that you are drawn to. Write it down what you understood. Then, later on continue reading as usual. Your abilities will rise each time you do.

Love, Carol

About Carol Collins

Carol Collins is the original channel for The Jeshua Collective. Much to her surprise, her abilities spontaneously manifested in March 2019. After nine months of quiet meditation “face spelling” was introduced as a means of direct communication followed by “voice giving” (trance channeling) within a few weeks. Through her, Jeshua teaches about collective consciousness, manifesting with ease, health and wellness through natural healing, and intuitive studies bringing out the natural abilities of communicating with Source in everyone – the Four Pillars of Learning that they call The Essential Material. She offers private sessions with Jeshua for readings and attunements daily, retreats, and signature workshops frequently. She has been interviewed by celebrity personalities, featured in over two dozen magazines, has an extensive list of courses available in the Jeshua’s Center for Intuitive Studies, and had eleven books written through her in 2021 alone – and more are on the way. The first, Ocularity of the Mind was released in fall 2022.

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