Manage Your Stress ~ Master Your Life
Simple Tools and Daily Practices to Free Your Mind, Go from Stress to Calm, and Live Your Best Life

By Lin Moctezuma

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Do you often feel stressed, tired, or maybe even anxious?
Pay attention. That feeling of stress determines the quality of your life.

Dealing with your stress is not the same as dealing with the stimuli and triggers that cause you stress.

STRESS is the neurological and psychological shift that happens in the body when we encounter a perceived threat.

STRESSORS are triggers that activate the stress response in the body. They are activated by our five senses or by external factors like money, work, family, time, expectations, body image, and self-criticism. Any of these can be interpreted by our body as a potential threat.

Most people can take what life throws at them most of the time because we are naturally resilient; but when stress builds up, it can overwhelm an individual and lead to potentially serious health problems.

We often wonder what our legacy will be, what we should prioritize, and whether our values, beliefs, attitudes, and actions in our daily life are aligned with living our life with purpose. Unfortunately, stress happens as a part of daily life and we need help to control our response to stress before it takes over. This is why we need proven tools and guidance; to transform our lives from stressful to calm and more relaxed.

This book provides the necessary tools and practical resources to help you manage stress in a more positive and productive way in the following areas of your life:

  • pressures at work
  • relationship difficulties
  • finances
  • physical illness
  • emotional well-being

As you read, you will gain confidence to dig deeper into specific stressors, thoughts, and actions causing your mental anguish and you will learn to see them in a new light to Manage Your Stress and Master Your Life.

About Lin Moctezuma

The world is not all sunshine and rainbows, but with the right tools you can manage the gray areas and the rainy days. Lin Moctezuma is a Certified Life Coach who specializes in Stress Management and building powerful relationships. In addition to her one-on-one coaching sessions, Lin hosts stress management workshops to teach people the tools they need to handle stress in a more positive way. Lin graduated from the Robbins-Madanes Training/RMT Center Core 100 program, where she obtained her Life Coaching Certification. She has also trained at the Center for Coaching Certification, as well as other coaching programs. Lin’s personal journey has included many challenges and victories; it also led her to discover her passion for helping others overcome their own obstacles. She is known by her clients not only for her effective tools, but for her outgoing, kind-hearted, ambitious, nurturing, and compassionate coaching style. In her spare time, Lin enjoys reading, writing, and entertaining in her home.

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