Live Beyond Your Loss
Overcoming the Devastation of Loss, Seeking Counsel, and Finding Acceptance

By Lyela Marie Lambert

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In the pages that follow you are going to be introduced to one of the strongest people you will ever meet—you—by one of the strongest people I know, Lyela Lambert. Together, with goodness and mercy following closely behind, you will begin to do what must be done in order to leave any valley and climb any mountain. While grief is no doubt a process of personal pace, these moments of prayer and this mother’s perspective will provide the perfect push and pull you need to begin making progress. ~Pastor Braylon Harris, Mount Olive Baptist Church

In 30 Days, You’ll Be Guided To:

  • Experience total freedom regardless of your circumstances
  • Recognize that some hardships can lead to great joy
  • Heal from unspeakable tragedy
  • Live a joyful life & thrive after losing a loved one
  • Forgive as a Path to Joy & Love
  • Recognize your common bond with survivors—the desire to truly live

About Lyela Marie Lambert

Lyela Marie Lambert is a regular everyday hardworking mother and grandmother, born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Life as she once knew it was never perfect, yet it was whole until her oldest son was murdered in May 2011. It was in that moment she had to decide if she would die as well or turn that indescribable pain into purpose. Lyela has always had a heart for helping and being there for others, so when the opportunity came to share what seemed to be a tragedy of her life to reassure other parents who are walking this walk that there is life after such a loss, it came naturally. Lyela hopes that in opening up her deepest emotions and being transparent about her journey will give a parent the determination to love again, live again and to forgive. Whether it be themselves, the other parent, family member, friend and even the accuser. Yes, even them. Most importantly, that they are not alone and someone understands. Lyela lives by forgiveness does not mean reconciliation, yet the weight lifted from forgiving can restore, renew and rebuild your heart, mind and spirit. Lyela is often told how “STRONG” she is! Yet, she quickly reminds people that when we are weak, God is STRONG!

Live Beyond Your Loss