Led By Purpose
Finding Meaning Through Intuition, Energy Healing, and Faith

By Suesie Hartman

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“How will I know when I’ve found my purpose in this lifetime?”

Thousands of people ask this question of purpose every day. Not everyone discovers their purpose, but I did. My purpose was revealed through intuition, energy healing & faith. I discovered it by asking many, many questions of myself and of those around me, and then listening to the answers and guidance.

The journey of asking questions can be liberating, while seeking answers creates clarity & wisdom. I invite you to share my journey with me, as I discovered my purpose and my reason for being…

What you’ll learn through my story:

  • Intuition is foundational to energy healing
  • Energy healing is a gift that can be cultivated
  • Lessons often come in expected packages
  • Faith is a gateway to hope and courage
  • Meaning in life is whatever you believe it to be

About Suesie Hartman

Suesie Turgeon Hartman is a 5th generation psychic and Master Energy Healer. Her life purpose is teaching individuals how to heal themselves and others. Suesie enjoys the freedom, joy, and wisdom earned through living in continuous contribution and service to others, the mystical journey in this lifetime, and following her purpose with trust of all that it is.

Led By Purpose