Happy and Free on Purpose
Learn Daily Practices to Live and Love Your Life!

By Lauren G. Foster

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What if you could wake up every day feeling happy and optimisitc?

You were put here on purpose and with purpose. Happiness and freedom are your birthright. When you really believe that you are the creator of your life, and begin creating that life on purpose, deliberately and just the way you want it, the world will open up right before you. When you decide that you and only you are in charge of the way you feel, then the magic happens. You want what you want because you think having it will make you happy. It won’t. But if you learn to be happy first, then all your desires will begin to manifest. Miracles abound. Happy and Free On Purpose is your guide to learning to live your life in joy. Learn to be the master of your attitude, perspective, and choices as you are creating your life by the thoughts you think. You’ll wake up the very first day feeling powerful, happy, excited, and in charge of your life. From creating a manifesting morning ritual to falling in love with your finances, food and love, everything you need to be the joyous, deliberate creator of your life can be found within these pages. You’ll find both inspiration and practical guidance; a step-by step-process to begin living the life of your dreams. Your days can be exactly how YOU want them to be. You get to decide exactly what your relationships look like, how much money you have, how you feel in your body and how you live your life! Figure out what you truly want. Get in touch with who you really are and begin to BE that person. Be completely in love with your life right now and jazzed beyond belief at all the wonders you’re creating for your future. When you show up as this person in this amazing life, the outer parts must manifest. This is law. Learn to be so grounded in your own sense of purpose and joy that outside circumstances no longer have any power over you.

About Lauren G. Foster

LAUREN G. FOSTER is an author, speaker, Happiness Teacher, certified Meditation Teacher, Primal Health Coach, Life Mastery Consultant, and Dream Builder Coach. She started Be Happy First in 2014 and is on a mission to help one million women learn to be Happy and Free on Purpose. When she’s not writing, cooking, coaching or creating teaching tools, she can be found loving life in the woods with her two dogs and five cats at her mountainside home in the Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee.


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