The Gifts of Grace & Gratitude

The Gifts of Grace & Gratitude
Inspirational Stories of Women Who Transformed Their Lives by Living in the Space of Appreciation, Trust, and Faith

Compiled By Sue Urda & Kathy Fyler

Price: $19.95

Do You Recognize the Goodness & Bounty of Life?
Are You Grateful for the Gifts that Surround You?
Imagine Allowing Grace to Transform Your Spirit.

The Gifts of Grace & Gratitude contains stories of twenty-six remarkable women who’ve chosen to live in the beauty of life—even after experiencing some not-so-perfect moments and sometimes downright horrific life events. They’ve navigated their way through significant, life-altering transformations by facing their challenges head-on, making tough choices and mindful changes, and moving forward with grace, intention, and integrity, albeit sometimes over many years or occasionally kicking and screaming. And now, they find themselves grateful for the multitude of supportive people, lessons, blessings, and growth along the way.

Sharing their own hero’s journeys, these authors shine the way for you to maneuver your own trials, strife, and angst, to see the beauty and goodness that rise from the muck, and to inspire and motivate you to make the powerful choices you envision for your own life.

If you love a good heart-to-heart and treasure a great story, you will be many times blessed as you read this book.

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Be Inspired.

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The Gifts of Grace & Gratitude