A Sacred Journey of Invisibility to Clarity

By Millie America

Price: $22.00 (paperback)

Have you ever experienced a different life?

At thirty-three years old Millie America had a head injury that caused her to lose her memory. She didn’t recognize her partner, her six children, or the life she had. She had lost fourteen years of memories. With extraordinary skill and vulnerability, she was able to write the first parts of this book during that time. Millie chronicles the journey from there till now through grace, faith, acceptance, and love.

If you’ve ever felt like you are invisible, or parts of you are not seeing by those near you, this book will give you an insight on how to move from tremendous heartache into the light of clarity. Millie’s spiritual journey and growth is reflected in this book and her ability to tap into other realms.

Infusing acceptance and self-love, Millie is able to navigate the sacred journey. Filled with wisdom, Erasable is a book that will grab you tightly from the very first page.
“My existence became like a scribble on the last page of the book. Erasable with time. Forgettable. Like the writings on the wet sea shore that disappear with the wave.” ~Jill Shukla

About Millie America

Millie America is a sought-after gifted medium and psychic whose readings and counseling sessions help others unlock their spiritual gifts and find their authenticity. She is the founder of Sacred Journey Inward, a daily blog and social media phenomenon where she has a dedicated and growing number of followers of her compelling stories. A metaphysical facilitator, intuitive empath, and cheerleader of love, she helps people find what is lost and remember what was. She is an Amazon best-selling author for her collaboration in U Empath You, an anthology and guidebook for empaths.  A passionate storyteller and speaker, with experience in social work, Millie is driven to help others fulfill their potential and purpose. The mother of eight children, Millie lives in the magical mountains of Western North Carolina. 

Live Beyond Your Loss