EQ is the New IQ
The Key to Unlocking Higher Self-Confidence, Manageable Expectations, and Successful Relationships


By Michelle Carson

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EQ is the New IQ is about Emotional Intelligence, which is the ability to recognize, evaluate and regulate your own emotions, emotions of those around you, and in groups of people. EQ is the measurement of Emotional Intelligence. As kids we are taught how to develop our IQ but seldom are we taught how to develop our EQ. Yet EQ is equally if not more instrumental for your lifelong success.

Many of us never learned the truth about emotions. We just take them at face value. We feel angry and we react. When we blindly react to how we feel, we give our personal power away by making decisions from a defensive stance. We get stuck in storylines of being a victim to a person or situation.

Because we have been conditioned to react to our emotions, we think people or circumstances have caused us to feel an emotion. However, the reality is that person or circumstance you are blaming was only a trigger, not the original source of your pain. The original source was from an outdated storyline that never got healed, and the trigger is the message that it is time to heal a misunderstanding.

The truth is emotions are just energy in motion—literally how we feel our thoughts. We are the ones that label them good or bad. Our emotions are only a messenger—not the message. The message is hidden within our stories. By learning the Language of Emotions, we learn how to unpack these stories to discover just what that message is.

You have a thought, and that thought creates a feeling from which you react. Instead of blindly reacting, you can take the time to examine the validity of the thought that created the emotion. You take back your personal power by making a choice.

If you created the original thought, then you can change that thought to create a better feeling, which results in a more empowered response. This shift in perspective increases our Emotional Intelligence, and as a result we garner higher self-confidence, manageable expectations, and healthier relationships.

You deserve to feel any emotion you have. It’s what you do with the emotion that counts. Through healing storylines of my own, I’ve developed a formula “Changing the Narrative” that allows you to simultaneously honor your feelings while healing through outdated storylines.

While it is imperative that we heal from past hurts, Emotional Intelligence is also about proactive care and dependable guidance. This book will serve as a guide, teaching you how to tap into your intuition for guidance, daily practices for self-care, and healing outdated stories so you can become all you are meant to be!

About Michelle Carson

For many years, Michelle Cole saw the world as a place where things were constantly happening to her. Her life forever changed when she stopped looking at her life through the lens of being a victim. She began to see what these life experiences had done for her, rather than to her. These “obstacles” were opportunities, directing her towards self-confidence. Her healing journey led to her life’s purpose—teaching children life skills that foster self-confidence. With self-confidence, children learn how to take responsibility for creating their own lives. As a Kid’s Life Skills Coach, Michelle Cole would be honored to share her experience and training with your family.

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