Advancing Through Influence
Using Your 5 Innate Female Strengths to Break Through Power Barriers and Advance Your Career


By Lacy Schoen

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Leverage Your Strengths. Increase Your Influence. Advance Your Career.

Tired of waiting for your workplace to be fair? Tired of waiting for someone above you to notice your impactful contributions at work? If you’re a woman experiencing barriers to your advancement, then this book is for you. Author, Lacy Schoen gives you proven, practical and actionable strategies that will empower you to take your advancement into your own hands. If you experience workplace dynamics like a difficult boss that doesn’t recognize your talents; an overbearing micromanager; less qualified people advancing ahead of you; a jealous co-worker throwing marbles in your path, people stealing your ideas and claiming them as their own, a member of the power structure that’s a roadblock to your advancement; or maybe you are unsure why your career seems to have “stalled out,” you can break through these barriers. Lacy shows you that you, as a woman already have everything you need within you to succeed. She spells out exactly what your 5 innate female strengths are, explaining how these massively influential strengths can be used to your advantage, and explains that we often overlook these very powerful female traits. With the correct and strategic leveraging of these strengths, you can overcome obstacles to your advancement. You can take matters into your own hands and orchestrate your own success. Lacy covers important information on how men and women are often playing a different game at work, and when women understand what the game is, they can use that knowledge to propel themselves forward at work. She gives you strategies with examples and case studies that reveal the what, how and why of your 5 innate female strengths that will level the playing field and empower to you to increase your influence and advance your own career on your own terms.

About Lacy Schoen

Lacy Schoen is a writer, speaker, influence coach, and founder of Real Women Real Success, a company that teaches women how to break through power barriers and reach their career goals. Previously, Lacy spent thirty years in nonprofit management, twenty of them as a CEO, in the public policy and government services sectors. Lacy produced and hosted Cox Cable’s Civic Connection; has won numerous awards including Senator Lou Correa’s “Women Making a Difference”; and has twice been recognized as one of Orange County’s “Women to Watch.” She also hosts the podcast The Female Influencer, sharing insights, tips, and interviews for women who want to build their influence at work.

Lacy currently serves as a consultant and Co-Director of the Cal State Fullerton Women’s Leadership Program, in the College of Business & Economics, and is on the Board of the Childhood Drowning Prevention Foundation, where she continues to apply her unique talent to grow organizations and increase their impact during challenging economic times.

Lacy has two grown children, a grown foster son, a granddaughter, and two dogs. She loves to travel, meditate, go on long walks by Lake Arrowhead, sit by her pool contemplating the good in the world, eat great food, and drink amazing wine. She lives in Norco, California with her husband, Dean Guccione, who most recently served as a Chief Officer with the City of Beverly Hills Fire Department.

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