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Peggy Yu

Everything is possible !

PH7 Mind and Body Wellness
Hope, Healthy, and Happiness
Heart & Soul

When East meets West, When Mind and Body Start Talking to Each Other

Peggy Yu is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and a Registered Acupuncturist who has dedicated her life to helping people. She has held various positions in programs funded by the Canadian government, including as a liaison for immigrant settlement programs, a family therapist, and as an Addiction Clinical Counsellor. She has also volunteered as a Victim Services Support Worker for at the local police department. Peggy’s work is based in the mind-body connection, the inherent neutrality of emotions, and that it is always better to treat the root cause rather than just the symptoms. In her free time, Peggy enjoys hiking with her therapy dog, Smokey.

To provide holistic, realistic and practical tools for people who are looking for mind and body peace and balance

We will book the first session for half rate and to see if my approach works for your desire goal and then we can go from there to co-decide how often and how long the plan should be.

An unique way of reset mind and body wellness using clinical counselling skills and the Traditional Chinese Medicine technique to achieve the reconnection of mental, emotion and physical wellness.

Life is about balance. Be kind, but don't let people abuse you. Trust, but don't get deceived. Be content, but never stop improving yourself. ~ Budda ~

I like to share my story and to remind people who are suffering that there is always a hope. Never give up on yourself !!

I enjoy walking with my dog sunny, raining or snowing. Enjoy the surroundings and remember these are all lives that amazing universe had created. Singing to praise my every day life that I am still alive. Get together with good friends and enjoy crazy laugh.

I enjoy simple life and appreciate everything that ever happened to me, good or bad. I appreciate everyone that I ever encountered, kind or mean. I appreciate every thing that I have learned, every moment is precious for me.