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Julie King

Forgive, let go and step onto the path of living in alignment with your true authentic self.

Breath Works Miracles


United States
Women Living In Alignment

Julie King is an internationally acclaimed musician, professional member of Academy of the Grammy, International Breathwork Foundation, Global Breathwork Practitioner Alliance, and International Reiki Center Association. She is the founder of Breathwork Miracles™, developer of multidisciplinary program Trans Breath™, and author of Facilitator’s Handbook. Julie holds MFA and BFA degrees from California Institute of the Arts in Opera Vocal performance, music composition and production. She is a Certified Clarity Breathwork practitioner, Master Teacher Usui and Karuna Reiki Holy Fire III, life coach, hypnotherapist, and an active Vedic psychologist. Julie resides in Miami and facilitates in person and online workshops.

My mission is to participate in the global consciousness movement for
elevation of all of humanity, incorporating Holistic Modalities such as Reiki, Light
Body Psychology, Ayurveda, Breath Work, Sound Healing, Shamanic Spirit Journeys,
Somatic Energy Healing, Mantra Meditation, and so on.

In one session I will help you shift your life for the better. I will guide you into more expansion, peace, abundance, and help you elevate your frequency to a higher vibration.

I love to create, collaborate, and sing.

I am the founder of Trans Breath™ - multidisciplinary certification program. This program is based on ancient philosophies and modern psychology tools. This program is known to elevate physical, mental, and spiritual frequencies, clear stagnant energies, expand our consciousness, and allow remarkable transitional shifts in our lives. By use of conscious connected breathwork, shinto shamanic healing sounds, Ayurveda, tantra, and meditation, one will attain self-healing, relaxation, restoration, rejuvenation, and transformation. It enables us to connect to our Divinity and peace within without having to hash up old traumas or anxieties, resulting in gentle integration of the experience.
In this certification program you will learn how to map out simple processes for your present and future clients.  You will learn how to: write, guide your own meditations, and facilitate breathwork workshops. To better understand your clients you will gain valuable tools on Hypnotherapy, NLP, Life Coaching, Vibrational and Chakra Healing, and be of more service to humanity.