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Brooke Rowe
Healing Begins Within

A Phoenix Rising

United States

Brooke is a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Spiritual Counselor and medium, and has a BA in Criminal Justice. She attended UNCW and Delphi University. Following her mom’s suicide, Brooke’s determination to break the generational curse led her to further explore the mystical arts and various cultural beliefs. Reiki is the healing modality that helped her overcome her traumatic grief and aftermath. Once able to help others, she worked in the mental health community as a mobile crisis responder in the hopes of saving lives. Brooke now has a holistic health practice in coastal North Carolina.

To reunite others with the Divinity within them. We have only forgotten that our Sovereignty has always been within us. My purpose is to reconnect you with this Divine spark so that you will be more equipped to embody your true nature, and therefore live the life you were always meant to live. One of abundance, love and happiness. One where you can find the silver lining in all things and be able to connect with your inner stillness no matter what is happening in your outer experience. My Mission is to help you remember you are a Spiritual Being having a Spiritual experience in human form.

I accomplish my mission and serve my clients by providing a safe space, whether it be in person or virtual, for them to feel comfortable sharing their causes of dis-ease, if they so choose. I then connect with our Spiritual Teams and use my physical body as a clear channel for healing energies to work through me. Reiki is the healing modality I practice and it facilitates healing on all levels. With continued sessions, Reiki allows the client to become aware of and transmute many core wounds and untruths they've been unconsciously and consciously playing out most of their life. Healing in this way then allows for more compassion and understanding, and offers a higher perspective of life's situations. An expanded consciousness and increased energetic vibrational quality can therefore be obtained once a certain amount of healing is accomplished. I also serve by offering Spiritual Readings to my clients in which they receive healing messages and suggestive actions to take in order to step more into their authenticity and True Self. The readings may also include some Spiritual Counseling.

The more I embody my whole being, including my mother's suicide and how I dealt with it for years after, the more I feel as though I am being called to share my truth with others. In doing so, I meet so many individuals who are suffering and can relate to my story; and who are seeking assistance with coping and understanding they are not alone. Co-authoring this book will allow my story of overcoming trauma and becoming a healer to reach many more people and hopefully provide hope and inspiration to those seeking.

When you work with me, know that I can meet you where you're at with compassion and non-judgment. I will support you in meeting the goals you are trying to achieve in healing and self-growth, as well as being an advisor by suggesting action steps that will propel you in becoming more in alignment with your Higher Self. We will work together on an evolving plan that will enable you to live your best life.

Know Thyself
- Socrates

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