I show you how to transform your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual pain.

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Andrea Firpo

Psychic Cheerleader

Andrea Firpo, Psychic Cheerleader
Moving Past Fear and Into Courage
United States
The Art & Truth of Transformation

Andrea Firpo is a Psychic Cheerleader focused on transformational healing by building awareness in the body and mind around the deep conditioning of emotional trauma. Andrea draws from her background in psychology, feng shui, plant medicine, reiki, shamanism, and psychic energetic healing to identify underlying patterns that undermine her clients’ self-worth. The simple yet powerful energetic tools she teaches helps them identify blocks, expand their intuition, heal and make incredible paradigm shifts in their lives.

Andrea is also an author, contributing work to Dreamweavers, Ceremonies, and the recent #1 Amazon International Bestseller, The Art & Truth Of Transformation For Women. As a show host and producer, she highlights the stories and lessons of incredible women overcoming traumatic events in her podcast, "Brilliance through Resilience." She lives with her family in Portland, Oregon and works with clients everywhere.

I am here in this lifetime to consistently and actively become clear in my own energy, to teach others how to ground, protect and clear their own energy, allowing for the accessibility to new growth and expansion within.

I am a psychic cheerleader. My goal is to empower you to feel incredible and live a life you love. I will meet you where you are on your path and help guide you toward authenticity, freedom, and joy. Together, we will gain breakthroughs and clarity in your relationships, career, and health that you can carry with you each day of your life.

I will teach you how how to transform your physical, emotional, and spiritual pain by helping you build awareness in your body and mind around the deep conditioning of your emotional trauma. You will understand and connect with yourself on a deeper level, expanding out of your comfort zone toward new horizons you never thought possible. You will leave feeling supported, calm, at ease, and in control, able to incorporate everything you’ve experienced into everything you do.

"You can recognize survivors of abuse by their courage. When silence is so very inviting, they step forward and share their truth so others know they aren't alone. " - Jeanne McElwaney

My entire life is the story of me finding my way through obstacles, challenges and major life transformation. I'm interested in sharing my story so that my lessons can be a gift of inspiration to someone else.

Stories of the human condition, deep connection, and the magic of ritual and ceremony. I also love the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, waterfall adventures, the smell of the forest, the sound of birds outside my window, or the buzz of the bees in my yard. But more than anything, I love the feeling when my husband calls my name, or the sight and sound of my daughter's laugh.

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