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YOU are already making a unique and meaningful contribution through your work, relationships, actions, and story. Why not exponentially multiply your reach by being part of a collaborative and aligned group of women who are doing it too? As you come together with aligned co-authors to authentically share messages of empowerment, transformation, and healing, you will contribute to raising the vibration of people and the planet. That’s right—your story will empower and inspire the lives of everyone who reads it AND it will help you grow your business.

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Share Your Story of Transformation
in this inspiring anthology book.

Let's Talk Transformation...

  • Have you MADE A CONSCIOUS DECISION to open yourself to a new way of being and are you now showing up and truly living?
  • Have you had an A-HA that nudged (or pushed) you to pay closer attention to your own life?
  • Do you feel more aware of and aligned with your thoughts, emotions, and actions?

Then, The truth is...
You've experienced TRANSFORMATION!
And, let's face it...
Transformation is an ART & it's CONTAGIOUS!
When you share your story you'll not only inspire others,
you'll also attract new clients and grow your business.
As a published author, your transformational story will change lives.
RIGHT NOW is the right time for YOU to share your story, message,
and the shifts you made so you can assist and reach even more people.


Everyone has a story. In fact, most people have lived through incredible circumstances and have come out stronger and more devoted to life for it. The stories in this book are transformational accounts of moving through fear, stagnation, and “unconscious” or inauthentic living into the expanse, ease, freedom, and beauty of life.

Author stories will reflect individual journeys of transformation, the discovery of life purpose and passions, the release of long-held fears and limiting beliefs, and the growth into a more authentic, heart-centered, love-focused, and vibrant individual. These stories may speak of working with clients to help them on their personal journeys of allowing spirit to guide their life. All stories will show the astonishing strength, courage, heart and soul that exists in each of us.

Do you realize how inspiring, encouraging, empowering, and motivational
your story will be for all who read it?
Now the only questions is ... Are you ready to get published?



How Did You Hear About Us?


Here's what our authors are saying about Powerful You! Publishing...

"I’m so grateful to have had the experience of working with Sue, Kathy and all of the brilliant trainers on a recent project, Keys to Conscious Business Growth, which is now an Amazon Bestseller! After meeting and getting to know Sue, I knew almost immediately that I wanted to participate in her anthology book. It had been my heart’s desire to write my own book for years but I never knew where to start. So, this was the perfect opportunity for me to take that first step. Sue and Kathy gave me a safe space to learn and create; and because I resonate with them and am passionate about their mission, it was an amazing opportunity to give back. So, we were a great match. And boy, did they make it easy!! They provided trainings, a great editor, and everything I needed to make it a smooth process. All I had to do was kick up my inspirational writing mojo! I still can’t believe the book is already published; it almost seems like a dream. And I now have the title of Bestselling, published author in an inspirational and actionable teaching guide, along with 19 other brilliant women - an amazing achievement for us all! The publication has integrity, is aligned, well-written, and incredibly valuable; it will support so many conscious entrepreneurs in getting their messages out into the world for years to come. Having that physical book in my hands and seeing my story and name in print is a huge milestone and a greater “coming out” in service to others. What a huge sense of accomplishment, love and joy. Would I do it again? You bet, and I look forward to doing just that again, soon. I want to deeply thank Sue and Kathy for their vision, love, support, and guidance as well as hard work; the collaborative effort of their team, and all of the heart-centered women who were on the project. Such a beautiful, aligned, fun, and worthwhile adventure!! I’m so grateful and blessed! "
Lisa Winston
Authenticity & Life Reinvention Coach


  • Design, editing, layout, professional registration
  • Exposure including your interview in a Summit, your tip in a free e-book, your articles on our publishing website
  • Promotional materials including, ads, articles, press releases
  • Amazon Bestseller Campaign
  • Team of collaborative co-authors
  • Expert Training including: Interview & Public Speaking Skills, Social Media Relationship Building, Writing Your Chapter, and Using Your Author Status to Grow Your Business
  • Guidance and support through the entire publishing process
  • Books and Bookmarks

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