Writing Training Q & A’s 2


Writing Training Q & A’s #2

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Sheri Horn Hasan
Editor, Writing Coach, Author,
&Professional Astrologer

www.Karmic Evolution.com

About Sheri:

Editor, writing coach, author, and professional astrologer, Sheri enables her clients to give voice to their vision and inspire their audience through the beauty and power of the written word. Editor of Powerful You!’ Publishing’s anthology series—including three Amazon Bestseller’s–Sheri continues her mission to bring authors’ individual stories to fruition through her coaching/editing/publishing business. Separately, Sheri seeks to inspire, transform, and empower through astrological insight clients who utilize astrology as a tool for greater consciousness and soul growth. She brings astrology and other holistic modalities “down to earth” for the layman through her writing coaching and editing.

Sheri Horn Hasan