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"Introduction to Human Design"

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Karen Flaherty
Living by Human Design

About Karen:

Karen Flaherty is the best-selling author of the book “Getting to Know YOU: Embrace your Unique Blueprint to Make Decisions you Love and Trust – a Human Design Guidebook.” (Available on Amazon as Kindle, paperback and Audiobook.)

She brings many years of corporate business and life experience to her Human Design coaching practice. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Karen has worked in New York and New Jersey in marketing and sales positions for more than 35 years. Her combination of experiences ignited a desire to help others in their challenges, especially with regard to self-awareness and stress management.

Karen has studied Human Design since 2009, and became a certified Human Design Specialist in 2010. Since then, she has spoken at dozens of holistic shows along the East Coast, running thousands of charts, and has satisfied her very logical self that Human Design is the best way to allow people to discover their purpose and their genius. Karen is happy now to be helping entrepreneurs, coaches, small business owners and corporate managers find a new way of doing business in the 21st Century.

Karen has been doing Human Design full time since moving to a small eclectic beach town in 2014, with her husband Jude, where they bike, swim, and kayak with the dolphins.

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