Quick Little Update on Life Right Now

By Jessica Tucker

I’m so excited to be here! I have the honour to be part of a collection of women sharing their experiences and inspiring others. What a dream come true! This book came at a time when I was ready and wanting to share my story and I am so very grateful for it. This book also came when I found out I was pregnant!

Yup this new year I was able to give birth to two babies – my little girl and my creative baby. It’s been an amazing experience so far and has allowed me to take a look within and express my needs and wants in a completely different way than I used to and accept help when necessary.

As  a mother of two I’ve had to ask for help and most importantly accept it. I’ve had to request my needs and expect them to be met. I’ve had to give up control and let others do things in a different way from me and allow them too.

As a writer I’ve had to use time management and self-discipline to a whole new level as deadlines need to be met and things need to be done. I’ve had to balance my time to ensure these tasks are completed even if it means staying up a bit later or not relaxing after a long day.

For both of my babies it’s been empowering to find my voice in two very different ways. My voice as a Mom, a woman and an author.

This has been such a positive experience and I’m so very grateful to share with you!

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