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Yes, in only 22 minutes you will learn
the many reasons WHY you must get published NOW!
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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  •  The many inherent benefits of being a published author
  •  How books grow your client base and business
  •  Who makes a great author and who doesn’t
  •  Why sharing your story of message helps others
  •  Why being a co-author in an anthology book works
  •  How you can write your own book in less time than you think
  •  Details of the proven system to get you published now!

PLUS+++ After the 22 minute presentation, we’ll open up the lines,so you can ask us ANY QUESTIONS you have about publishing.

Join Us for an Eye-Opening Webinar and Open Q&A:

Tuesday, June 26 ~ TIME: 12:00pm EST
Tuesday, June 26 ~ TIME: 7:00pm EST

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**Don’t miss the 22 minutes that could change your life!


IF you don’t know why you should be an author – We’ll share with you the many great reasons and valuable benefits.

IF you’re on the fence because you don’t think you have time – We’ll show you how to make it happen in less time than you imagined.

IF you think there are too many details to get published – We’ll reveal how it can be done easily and with little effort on your part.

IF you think it’s too expensive, think again. We’ll disclose the best way for you to make it happen within your budget and without missing a thing!

Join us for this 22-MINUTE Publishing Eye-Opener Session where we reveal WHY you should get published NOW, and the fastest and easiest way for YOU to do it!

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