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We Are All Free

We are all free. We can do whatever we want and we can live from our heart’s desires if we choose. But do we?

Most of us are confined to the customs of relationships that wrap around us like a noose, providing little more than guilt and shame if we do not conform to them and the expectations they bring.  But have you ever asked yourself where these beliefs and customs came from, and if they are still relevant to you today?

The one thing we know for sure is that change is constant. So why is it that we try so hard to make things stay the same, such as in marriage? Why is it that we can not effortlessly “go with the flow” and embrace change as it comes? Why do we feel guilty and shameful when a relationship ends or “does not work” and why do we even call it failure in the first place?

If we were really awake we would know that life is about growth and change. Therefore, how can we grow without change? When a relationship ends, we should be as happy and elated as when it began. We should thank them for what they have given us and for the experiences of love. There should be no judgement or shame for a “failed” relationship. But instead we should be in a state of gratitude and love. Love for ourselves and for the other person for sharing themselves with us for however long.

Guilt, shame and blame are some of the biggest deterrents to love. It keeps us bound in an unsavory world. It keeps our energy low and fearful. It keeps us from trusting ourselves and others. If we think we have failed in relationships, it will stop us from trying anew. It will stop us from loving with open hearts.

I believe the only way to be healthy is to be “in the flow” and to be in “the moment.” Being in the present moment means being tuned-in to one’s feelings. The present moment is the only moment that is real. It is the only way to be true to one’s self. The moment you make a “binding” contract with someone is the moment you have lost your freedom, your truth and your ability to stay connected to your feelings. This is because if you place the contract above your feelings, you will no longer be true to yourself. It is impossible to know your future, therefore, how can you say “until death do we part?” This is an instant set-up for failure. Why would we do this to ourselves? I believe this custom has been determined by outside authority forces who want to control the people, such as religious powers, governments and other people of power. But power is for the people. It is not for others to decide what we do with our bodies, relationships or anything else. We are autonomous Beings. We are free. But only when we let ourselves be. The moment we allow the law to decide for us, is the moment we lose our power to choose. I am all for romantic celebrations of love. But let them congratulate the current moment. Celebrate with the awareness that life changes. And that change, when it comes, is also a good thing that can be celebrated.

I believe marriage can be a safe choice and was necessary in the past to protect certain peoples. However, if you live in a state of trust, both in oneself and the higher creative powers such as God/Source, then you know how to thrive, empower yourself and go with the flow. You know that the positive way you think, feel and act is what will actually keep you safe and protected.

Power lies within and it is something that can be enhanced with practice. Inner power and trusting your intuition will bring you to all of the right people, places and things. It will support you. But in order to be supported by this power you must learn to trust the current and not resist it. The only way to do this is to be “in the moment” with your thoughts and feelings. You must go inward, be still, breath in the everlasting light and follow what feels right in the moment. Then be aware that moment will eventually change. This is where most people get stuck. They want a good thing to last forever and so they brace against any incoming change. They try to protect what they once had a minute ago and defend it with their life, instead of breathing, trusting and knowing that all change is for the better. One must have faith and know that constant change is the path. And one must walk down the new path seeking positive change in order to bring it about. Enlightened behavior is understanding that there will always be change, staying relaxed throughout the change and seeking its deeper meaning and positivity around each and EVERY corner.

If we are to evolve as a human race we must begin to understand that the only way to succeed in life is to be open to change and not judge it when it arrives. We must recognize that one moment does not and can not dictate the future of our lives. But instead that each moment brings us to a new place and time. We must always be free to choose. This is the only way we can be true to ourselves. We must live from our hearts in the moment and constantly ask ourselves, “Is this relationship (or anything else) what we want in this moment?” Every moment counts. If you are spending time with someone out of obligation, there is nothing true or real about your moment, and this will bring severe dis-empowerment. It will create a relationship based on a lack of freedom and truth.

Is this world ready to live from the heart in the moment? What are your thoughts? Would the world suddenly hit pandemonium and be in a sate of anarchy? Or would it become a more truthful, honest and safe place to live? I believe the more acceptable change and being in the moment becomes, the more gratitude and love we will have.

By Robin Eagle Sage

Copyright 2018 Sage School of Light

What is Medical Intuition?

Medical Intuition is the ability to read a person’s energetic field clairvoyantly, in order to locate a physical, emotional and mental imbalance, blockage or disease. A Medical Intuitive energetically reads the body including the organs, bones, blood, muscles, etc. This is done by clairvoyantly scanning the body for blockages. A Medical Intuitive is also able to find the connection between a physical malady and the emotional trauma which is causing the illness. This is the key for healing. Traumas are unprocessed fearful events and feelings carried over from the past, such as from childhood or even past lives. A Medical Intuitive seeks to uncover past traumas in order to balance and heal them. This in turn, allows the physical body to heal naturally, as emotional blockages always proceed physical ones, and must be addressed in order for the physical body to heal completely. Medical Intuition is one of the most accurate, powerful and exciting methods of alternative medicine today.

During a Medical Intuitive reading you will receive clear verbal communication directly regarding your particular issue, its history and how to unravel and heal its many layers. Most sessions consist of a verbal energy reading as well as a silent energy healing. The goal of a silent energy healing is to release blockages and allow your system to re-introduce healthy, flowing and balanced energy.

What is special about a medical intuitive reading is that it addresses the unique individual. Each person’s body, emotions and energy field is completely different, just like our thumbprints, due to our unique life experiences. Therefore, the information given in an energy reading is not a guess. It is based specifically on your own soul’s history and vibratory pattern. This also means that the cure for you could be completely different than the cure for someone else with the same disease or issue.

All dis-eases, whether emotional, physical or mental, manifest through negative and un-true beliefs, such as, “I am unworthy, stupid, selfish, guilty, ugly, incompetent, etc.” Most of these beliefs are born through the ignorance of one’s true God self and infinite connection with the Divine. For this reason, complete healing entails rediscovering one’s truth, beauty and connection to Source.

All issues, pains and dis-ease’s have connected emotional, physical and mental components to them. For example, the physical pain in your back is connected to an emotional pain in your heart, which is connected to negative mental thinking in your head. For this reason, you will need to address different aspects of your self (and not just take some pills) in order to heal completely from the inside out. As challenging as it may seem to discover and heal negative beliefs that you have falsely accepted about your self, so too is it freeing and the first step toward recovery.

During a healing session I will address helpful spiritual/energetic practices, specific foods, supplements, activities, thoughts, visualizations, lifestyles, finances, relationships and occupations that pertain to you, the individual. Those who follow through with their individual programs have told me they have healed from many different diseases such as cancer, herpes, candida, nightmares, addictions, migraines, low self esteem, etc…. With action, will-power and faith, all healing is possible. To hear more about positive healing experiences from my clients, please visit my testimonial page.

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Dolphin Channeling Video

Robin Eagle Sage was asked by a group in Poland to channel the dolphins. The following video is the result of that request and was featured at an art show in Poland. This channeling is heart-felt as the dolphins fill Robin’s heart with LOVE as they speak through her.

Robin Eagle Sage, Author, Medical Intuitive Healer, Channeler
Owner of Sage School of Light: Classes in Energy Reading, Healing and Spiritual Awakening