Cotswold Musings: A to Zed
The Adventures & Reflections of a Retired Woman in the UK

By Marilyn Honea

Price: $20.00

Retired But Not Too Tired To Travel?

Cotswold Musings: A to Zed is a series of short stories collected over eight summers of living in the UK. The author, a retired widow, chose this life-style change as an escape from her ordinary life and an adventure into re-inventing herself.

Along the way, this American lady accumulated many humorous anecdotes of day to day living in England. She introduces some of the interesting people she met along the way, re-counts various travel challenges, and reports on everyday survival within a new culture. A ‘nuts and bolts’ guide is also provided to the traveler thinking of taking up residence in the United Kingdom for several months a year.

Join the author on her journey into an exciting new lifestyle overseas.

About Marilyn Hones

Marilyn Honea is a writer, former Speech/Language Pathologist, volunteer, and avid traveler. Following retirement and the loss of her husband, Marilyn began reevaluating her life and eventually set upon a new adventure in the English countryside. Since then, she has spent four to six months each year with the delightful residents of a small village in the Cotswolds. When not sharing “a cuppa” with them on a rainy day, Marilyn lives in Southern California, where she spends time with her grown children and friends.

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