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Become an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author
Easily and Effortlessly!

We’re Here to Help You Do It

  • Have you dreamed of becoming an author?
  • Have you envisioned others reading your book and benefiting from your message and your words?
  • Do you have a personal story of transformation that will help and inspire others?
  • Do you love assisting others or do you have a message of business growth to teach?

Then, NOW is your time!

  • You have always wanted to write a book, but didn’t quite know how to do it.
  • You know there is a story in you waiting to be told so that others may benefit.
  • You are ready to be an author, yet time has been elusive.
  • You can’t afford the high cost to publish your book on your own.

The BENEFITS of being a published author are MASSIVE
and RIGHT now is the RIGHT time for YOU!

* This publishing opportunity is for you if you want to make an even bigger difference, help even more people, grow your influence and make a shift upward in your income, credibility and contribution!

Read on to Learn:

  • How YOU can effortlessly and ease-ily become a published author this year
  • How YOUR BOOK will be marketed by several partners who have a vested interest in the success and promotion of your book.
  • How being a PUBLISHED AUTHOR can bring you immediate credibility, speaking engagements, higher fees and a warm, new audience.

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THAT’S RIGHT… YOU can become a published author in a few short months…

  • Without spending countless hours of planning, writing and re-writing.
  • Without spending tens of thousands of dollars in design, editing and publishing costs.
  • Without spending hours of time learning how to market your book.

A book is the Ultimate Calling Card
and it opens doors faster and wider than any other medium.

Imagine the joy and sense of accomplishment
you will feel holding
YOUR BOOK in your hands within a few short months!

When open your first case of books, you heart will beat faster, you’ll smile big and broad and you’ll experience one of the exhilarating and happiest moments of your life!

About Healthy, Abundant & Wise and the stories in this book.

Be An Author ~ Healthy, Abundant & Wise

Good health and well-being, real and loving relationships, a career that is fulfilling and financially rewarding, know-how and sense of what is good and right and true… these are feelings and experiences that we as human beings strive for. We like to know we are living well, doing our best, and that things are working out as we plan. This is not always the case though.

For some of us, it takes years to come to a place of ease, and we must struggle through circumstances we wouldn’t wish on anyone to come to what we had hoped was possible all along. For others there is a pivotal moment, or a shift in perception, or a dramatic event that forever changes us. For all of us, when we have lived it, we know that we must share our newfound wisdom with others.

Have you found a way to live that feels good, serves your higher purpose, and really works for you? Then, perhaps now is your time to share your story.

Healthy, Abundant, and Wise is a collection of stories by women and men that reflect the emotions, decisions, and transformations familiar to each of us. There are as many stories of hope, wisdom and encouragement as there are individuals. The question for you is… which story of personal wisdom will you choose to share?

What types of stories are in this book?

  • A physical/health situation that catapulted you into a new way of being
  • A specific ‘aha moment’ or series of events that forever changed your life
  • How to live a life of joy after losing your income, a relationship, or a loved one
  • Reflections on spiritual transformations and/or spiritual paths followed
  • A shift in your personal patterns and habits through deep inner work
  • The upheaval that occurs when you follow your heart, perhaps for the first time
  • The joy of living life fully awake after living in the darkness
  • Career change or a choice to be a conscious leader in business
  • How you released past hurts, grievances or traumas to live in freedom
  • Discovery of teachers and mentors to guide you to a breakthrough
  • The journey to self-love and compassion from a life of torment
  • Healthy decisions and choices that help you live in a space of joy

Who is the audience for this book?

Conscious, holistic and spiritual individuals who are seeking guidance, support and inspiration on their personal life journeys.

The launch date for this book is May 25, 2016

We’re gathering a select group of amazing individuals from all walks of life
to share their stories in these new anthology books, and
YOU are invited to participate!

And we have more exciting news for you…

The release dates for these life-changing books
are scheduled for early 2016.

Yes, it’s that soon!

The stories will not only be a great read, they will provide tips and tools for the reader to enhance their personal journey and fill it with power, ease and joy. Being a part of these life-changing anthology books is a great way for you to be an author this year! So, why should you participate in this book with other authors instead of writing your own?

Collaboration is the quickest and best method to success.

  • Your audience will grow exponentially as your partners (the co-authors) discuss and sell your book to their aligned and warm clients, network and friends.
  • Your book and your story will be read by people you wouldn’t otherwise have access to and they will have your contact information to reach out to you directly.
  • Sharing your story in this book with the stories of other authors will add power and ‘oomph’ to your message.
  • All chapters in the book will provide compelling and inspirational stories and lessons, so the benefit to the readers is exponentially multiplied.

** Collaborating with others brings better results than going it alone! It’s the new paradigm for our shifting society and as a conscious woman; you are on the leading edge of this highest form of meaningful collaboration.

Be an Author ~ It Exponentially Magnifies
Your Contribution to People and the Planet.

You are already making a unique and meaningful contribution through your work, your relationships and your actions – why not exponentially multiply your reach by being part of a team who are doing it too? As you come together with other co-authors to share messages of empowerment and transformation, you will be contributing to raise the vibration of the planet. That’s right; your chapter will enhance and inspire the lives of all women who read it and the people they share it with.

In case you’re still wondering why YOU should
be a published author,

here are just a few more reasons:

  • Reach more people with your message
  • Business growth and increased sales
  • More and better speaking engagements
  • Your book positions you as an expert in your field
  • A book is a great marketing tool
  • Public accolades and acknowledgment from your peers
  • Money from book sales

Ready for the Details? Here’s how it works:


Authors Commit. Contracts are signed with the Publisher and Author agreeing to be collaborative partners in the book project. Authors receive Welcome Letter and outline of detailed steps of the process.


Authors write their chapter. You will write one chapter: 1,500 – 1,800 words. Your chapter will tell your story of your journey, your transformation, your growth or your business, and will provide tips, tools and REAL information to assist others on their own personal journey of life.
You will have help from our expert editor and a writing training class so that you can tell your story professionally and with heart. Your chapter is your opportunity to have maximum impact, so positioning it and you in the best possible light are key!


Design, Layout, Editing and Printing. This is OUR job; you can sit back and relax as we put our team of experts to work to create a professional and beautiful final book just for you!

AND… as we are in the process of production, we’ll also be putting together a Bestseller Campaign and marketing materials for use in the promotion of your book – including an email campaign with more than 60 partners, social media, press releases and a video book trailer.

Imagine being a Best-Selling Author!***
Did you know? … Our Anthology Books have all been
Amazon Top Ten and #1 Bestsellers


You are Featured in a free, widely-distributed ebook. Your 200-word tip, your bio, photo and contact information will be included. The ebook will be used for pre-launch marketing of the book and will provide broad exposure for you and all authors. All authors will receive this ebook for their own distribution and use.


Expert Training will be provided for you in a series of webinars so you can successfully market your book and sell yourself. This way, when you receive your books, you’ll know exactly how to make the best use of them as a marketing tool, a calling card and way to increase your business, your impact and your reach.

Topics will include: Public Speaking, Social Media, Soulful Sales, Internet Marketing & Blog Creation

Celebrate! As a published author, you will celebrate your success with your collaboration partners and you will begin your journey with your new book, automatic credibility, an expanded reach, high visibility and hopefully, as a bestselling author.*

So Far, all of our anthologies have been Amazon Best-Sellers and we expect the same for this book

NOTE: Although we cannot guarantee #1 Bestseller status, with our experience and track record, we completely expect to be able to claim this honor for the book in at least one category!

STEP 7: (Bonus)

You are featured in an Author Telesummit: To help you get the word out about your message, position you as an expert and to create awareness about the book, you will be featured in an Author Telesummit. The series will be held in the weeks prior to the release date. You will be featured along with your co-author partners and this will provide additional exposure for you.

Still have questions? … Read these FAQS

Why should I be a Co-Author with this book instead of writing one on my own?

  • You’ll save tens of thousands of dollars.
  • You’ll save hours of time writing, editing, planning, and marketing.
  • You’ll have a team of built-in marketers expanding your reach for you.
  • You’ll get valuable training from experts as part of your book package.
  • You’ll receive the great satisfaction of working in collaboration.

If I already have a book, why should I be a part of this anthology?

This is more than just another book. Your book package includes step by step marketing training that you can use for your other books as well as growing your business, your list and your platform. You’ll also have 39* other like-minded partners with aligned audiences spreading your message every time they sell or give away a book.

You’ll also enjoy the sense of community, sisterhood and friendship of the other authors.

How do I know the other author’s stories and message will be aligned with my own?

That’s our job. We will select authors who resonate with the message and tone of the title and ones who are serious about sharing the message with others.

Just like you have attracted this book into your life, the other co-authors have attracted it into theirs. There is no mistaking the powerful energy of a collaborative process such as this, and all authors involved have a vested interest in the success of the book – just like you.

As you are discussing and selling this book to your audience, the other authors will be doing the same with theirs. That’s why the benefit and reach of an anthology book is exponentially multiplied. Through your partners, the co-authors, you’ll be touching readers you might not otherwise have reached.

What if I don’t have extra time to write?

If you can write an article and you have a story to share, we guarantee that participating in this anthology book is the fastest and least expensive way to get your message out to the masses. Since your chapter is approximately 1800 words and you’ll receive expert consultation from our writing experts, we know you won’t want to pass up this opportunity to be a published author.

We will also be able to guide you to a ghost writer if that’s the way you choose to write your story.

Is it really worth the money?

Absolutely YES. Being a contributing author in this anthology book will provide automatic credibility for you and your business, a supply of books for you to sell and give away, one of the top marketing tools available and the great personal satisfaction of participating with other conscious individuals in this inspiring project.

AND, you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to participate. We offer three different packages, so you can participate at whatever level is comfortable for you. You’ll recoup the money you spend and even make money no matter which package you choose. We even offer a payment plan. And for the members of Powerful You! Women’s Network, there is a discounted price.

Your Complete Publishing Package Includes:

1. Complete Publishing Service

  • Cover Design
  • Inside Layout
  • Editing & Proofreading
  • ISBN Number & Library of Congress Registration
  • Printing and Delivery
  • BOOKS and bookmarks
  • Shipping in the USA

2. Writing Consultation

  • Work Directly with our Editor
  • Design Your Story for Maximum Impact

3. Bestseller Campaign

  • Press release
  • Email campaign with 60+ partners
  • Book trailer
  • Social media

4. Lots of Exposure

  • Author Profile in the book by your chapter
  • Author Profile on the book website
  • Your articles and videos posted on the book blog
  • Your ‘Tips & Thoughts ’ featured in the free e-book.
  • Author Teleseminar Series
  • Social Media Marketing Campaign
  • U.S. and Worldwide distribution of the book.

5. Tools

  • Press Release to announce the book and you as an author
  • Social Media blurbs for facebook and Twitter
  • 3-D Book Cover Graphics to use on your website and brochures
  • Pre-designed Flyers for promotion
  • Book Trailer (video preview of book)
  • Book Signing Basics

6. An Instant Team of partners selling and distributing your book!

  • 39* Co-Authors
  • Powerful You! Women’s Network

7. BOOKS! Depending on the package you choose, you’ll receive 100, 250 or 400 books.

  • AND you’ll make money when you sell your books! How much can you make? Hundreds and even thousands of dollars. See the packages below for exactly how much $$$ you can make.

8. Most Important … YOU become a Published Author!

Total Value = $20,000

That’s right! If you were to publish on your own, you could expect to pay around $20,000 for everything we provide for you – and we handle it with joy and ease!

BUT, this isn’t even close to what you’ll pay.

Check out the incredible package values below and choose the perfect package for you!


  • Writing Tips & Guidelines
  • Information Product Creation
  • Public Speaking
  • Social Media & Internet Marketing
  • WordPress Blog Basics, Bells & Whistles
  • Business Growth & Sales

This training is designed to address important areas of your
business and professional growth.

Are you ready for immediate credibility & credentials?
Are you ready for business growth and open doors?
Are you ready to become a Published Author?

Reserve Your Spot Now In Two Easy Steps!
1. Choose a Package
2. Choose a Pay Plan

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