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The Authenticity Summit: May 13 – 29 

Would you like to feel more REAL as you move through each day—no matter what’s in front of you? Do you need some guidance and inspiration to help you live with more confidence, strength, vibrancy, and a true sense of well-being?

You’re invited to join these incredible women as they share their stories, strategies, tools, and sometimes hard-won wisdom for YOU! They are the co-authors of the soon-to-be-released book, The Beauty of Authenticity. 

Register for the Summit Now at:  

These women each share their souls, and provide guidance, tips, and practical advice based on their own journey of living in alignment with their heart and highest values. You will learn how they changed their mindset, adjusted their habits, and alchemized their ways of being. They’ll speak of their experiences and how they manifested shifts in their emotional state, psyche, relationships, body, and spirit.

The Authenticity Summit provides you 10 days of unique inspiration, motivation, encouragement, and lessons—especially for you. PLUS 8 days of unlimited access!

You CAN live authentically, from your heart, inspired by your soul. We’ll help you do it!


Wishing you peace, ease, and joy,

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Listen to inspiring women share their stories, thoughts, wisdom, and advice. They’ll tell you how they made it through the tough times and came out on the other side—Living more authentically and soul-inspired! Register for The Authenticity Summit today. It’s totally free and it’s our gift to you! Airs May 13 – 29. #authenticitybook

ARE YOU AT A CROSSROAD?? Would you like some guidance & insights from extraordinary women who have made some big changes on their own paths, and who now live life on their terms & in with guidance from their heart and soul? These women share how they choose to live more consciously every day! EMPOWER YOURSELF! Listen in as we share our wisdom with you. And yes, you’ll hear from me too-I’m one of the interview guests! Register Now. #authenticitybook

THE AUTHENTICITY SUMMIT ~ Insights, tools, & practical wisdom from inspiringly authentic women. Their topics focus on mindset techniques to make real and lasting change; healing the mind, body, and spirit; building authentic relationships; healing modalities and practices for personal empowerment; releasing what no longer serves you; recovering from addictions and thriving, and so much more. Don’t miss it. #authenticitybook

TOTALLY FREE SUMMIT FOR HEART & SOUL LIVING ~ Yes, it IS possible to live authentically, and you can learn how to master it. Save yourself years of struggle and release yourself to live more consciously, openly, and confidently. You’ll learn from the experience of women who have made it through some delicate, expansive, rough, and even unspeakable times. They are now living in a state of well-being, enjoying life, and even thriving. They’re sharing themselves and their stories with you because if they can do it, YOU CAN TOO! The Authenticity Summit. May 13 – 29. Register Now: #authenticitybook

I AM GRATEFUL to be one of the interview guests on The Authenticity Summit. It is a collection of interviews with the co-authors of the soon-to-be-released book, “The Beauty of Authenticity: Embracing Your truth to Live a Life of meaning, Purpose, and Grace.” I invite you to join me. You’ll be moved and inspired by these incredible women. I know I am! And be sure to listen to my interview – I think you’ll love it!! Register Now. #authenticitybook


I AM GRATEFUL to be a featured guest for The Authenticity Summit. May 13 – 29. #authenticitybook

Listen to my interview on The Authenticity Summit. May 13 – 29. #authenticitybook

Listen in as I share my journey of living authentically, inspired by my soul whispers on The Authenticity Summit. May 13 – 29. #authenticitybook

You don’t have to go it alone! You have help from women who’ve been in your position. #authenticitybook

EMPOWER YOURSELF! Knowledge, insights, & wisdom from inspiring, authentic, heart-centered, soulful women. #authenticitybook

SAVE YOURSELF years of struggle and angst ~ Learn from the experience of other authentic and REAL women. #authenticitybook

FREE INTERVIEW SERIES FOR WOMEN – 10+ hours of guidance, lessons, tools, & wisdom! Register Now. #authenticitybook

Attend The Authenticity Summit ~ It’s empowering, inspiring, eye-opening, & FREE! #authenticitybook

Are you living your life for everyone but you? You can change this. Here are some tools. #authenticitybook

ARE YOU TIRED OF TRYING so hard and coming up short? #authenticitybook

Are you wondering if thriving is possible for you? It is. Learn more now. #authenticitybook

HANGING IN THERE but not truly happy with your life? It doesn’t have to be that way. #authenticitybook


IS IT POSSIBLE TO TRULY LIVE AUTHENTICALLY – EVERY DAY? The answer may surprise you. #authenticitybook

Want to feel more alive? Heart & Soul. #authenticitybook

Meet the authors of The Beauty of Authenticity. Free summit for women on empowerment and living from the heart. #authenticitybook

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