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I’m so happy you’re reading this email, because I GAVE A GIFT FOR YOU!

It’s an e-book to help you live more fully from your heart. It’s a resource full of immediately-actionable tips, tools, practices, and guides to assist you to feel more heart-centered in all areas of life—emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental.

These tips will:
- help you live more authentically every day
- assist you to feel more focused and aware
- provide a sense of vibrant well-being and a knowing that life is here for you.
- help you feel strong and on purpose
- support you to create new practices and habits
- guide you to recognize that all things are in perfect timing and divine order.
- advise you of a new way of looking at things in your space

I’m grateful to be a co-author of this amazing e-book filled with tips for

It is written by me and 22 other co-authors of the soon-to-be-published book “The Beauty of Authenticity” that launches on May 29th.

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I AM GRATEFUL to share my tip in this free e-book with tips for “Living Authentically Every Day.” It is filled with simple and powerful practices, tools, and inspiration to help empower you in every area of your life. As you bring these ways of being into your life, you’ll find more ease, strength, and peace in each moment. You’ll feel more connected and alive. Get your free e-book here: #authenticitybook

FREE E-BOOK Tips for “Living Authentically Every Day.” I am grateful to share my tip in this e-book along with 22 co-authors who want YOU to live a vibrant, heart-centered, authentic, grace-filled life. We’re sharing how we do it every day. #authenticitybook

IMAGINE authentically loving your life, your body, your emotions, your spirit. It IS possible. Get this free e-book that will provide quick tips, practices, and guidance for you. I’m happy to share a tip that has helped me on my journey, and I know it will help you too. #authenticitybook

Is it possible to live authentically every day? Not only is it possible, it happens all the time for ordinary people like you and me. Being honest and authentic provides an abiding sense of well-being, strength, ease, and joy. It lets you know that you are a part of something bigger than yourself and allows the flow of life. Did you know there are specific practices you can do to live more authentically? Here’s a free e-book to help you do it. #authenticitybook

Do you want to be released from pain, negativity, or dis-ease? Do you want to feel more peace, ease, and strength every day? Do you want to experience life more fully? You can. I’m grateful to share my own tip for “Living Authentically Every Day” along with 22 co-authors. We’re committed to helping YOU live authentically and find more strength and empowerment as you move through your days. Get our free e-book filled with simple, yet powerful, practices, guidelines, and tips to empower and nurture yourself. #authenticitybook


LIVING AUTHENTICALLY EVERY DAY is possible. This free e-book helps you find your own path to empowerment. #authenticitybook

Want to feel more peace, ease, and strength every day? Want to feel more alive and heart-centered? This FREE e-book helps. #authenticitybook

Do you know there are specific practices you can do to LIVING AUTHENTICALLY EVERY DAY? Read this e-book now! #authenticitybook

FREE E-BOOK with simple practices, guides, and tips to empower your life, your mind, and your body and be more authentic. #authenticitybook

FREE E-BOOK – Tips for “Living Authentically Every Day” #authenticitybook

I am GRATEFUL to share my AUTHENTICITY TIP in this free e-book along with 22 co-authors. It’s all about embracing your truth. #authenticitybook

EMPOWER YOURSELF… we’ll assist you with tips in this free e-book. #authenticitybook

IMAGINE living empowered, authentic, and heart-centered every day. It IS possible. Get your free e-book. #authenticitybook

When you’re authentic, you feel stronger, connected, and more confident. FREE E-BOOK #authenticitybook

I WANT THE BEST FOR YOU. Use these practices, tools, guidelines, and tips for your vibrant well-being and to LIVE AUTHENTICALLY. #authenticitybook



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