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    • Minimalism (Spring Cleaning!)
      Laera Morrow
      It’s finally Spring! . . . which means that, here in Portland, there are now smatterings of rain-free (sunny, even) hours here and there to enjoy ( . . . yay.) Even with lingering clouds in the Pacific Northwest, and the typical neighbor’s response …read more
    • Surviving PTSD
      Hillory Hanson
      When I was leaving the hospital after a: few near death experiences, coma, and major surgery, the ICU nurse told me “don’t worry about dusting your house – dust is for leaving love messages for your family in” and “you will experience ptsd”. She also …read more
    • Holy Fire III Reiki
      Laera Morrow
      Significant milestones in Reiki have recently transpired. Not only did I acquire my own official Reiki (Holy Fire lineage) MASTER certificate as of last week (along with the rest of my class, featured above), but Holy Fire itself reached another …read more
    • Nutrition Affects Mood
      Laera Morrow
      As I begin a new diet this month, I feel inspired to discuss food. And its effects on mood. And with that, in light of the ways that our own biological systems operate, take a look at the paradigms of holism and dualism. Recent neurobiological …read more
    • Effects of Abdominal Health on the Nervous System
      Laera Morrow
      Watch “Effects of Abdominal Health on the Nervous System” on YouTube Isabel Spradlin of Spradlin Bodyworks hosts an interview with Laera Morrow, owner of Laera’s Lair of Natural Healing, on the topic of abdominal health and its effects on the nervous …read more
    • Welcome to Laera’s Lair of Natural Healing!
      Laera Morrow
      Watch “Welcome to Laera’s Lair of Natural Healing” on YouTube The mission of Laera’s Lair is to guide people to heal dis-ease without using pharmaceuticals — both through spreading awareness and through working with clients. I specialize in working …read more
    • 10 Ways To Love Yourself
      Nancy Stevens
      Real Ways To Cultivate Self-Love   Love is the “capstone”  sustaining and holding life itself together. We are the very real fabric of love! Loving yourself lays the framework for how we love others and in turn how we let them love us. Quite simply …read more
    • WNY’s Life Gardener shares her story (Press Release)
      Paula D’Amico
      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Media Contact Paula D’Amico 716.348.4125     She may be small, but her message is LOUD and CLEAR Local author teams up with 22 women from across the nation to deliver hope in an empowering …read more
    • If you trust yourself the Universe will trust you!
      Anne Marie Foley
      The Universe is truly amazing and the power of connection and energy continues to blow my mind! Once again this is another perfect example of the Universe working its Power and Magic and collectively gathering women who have the intention and purpose …read more
    • You are Perfect!
      Dr Erica Martinez RN
      Back in the Fall, I found myself in the presence of amazing Wyoming women as a presenter at the Wyoming Women’s Expo in Casper. To say I was warmly welcomed would be an understatement. I was given a platform to speak on a topic very near and dear to …read more
    • Old Soul/New Beginnings
      Hillory Hanson
      Well everyone being a contributing author has certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone!  I am wanting to be of service and welcome reaching clients in diverse places but promoting myself makes me nervous still. Alot of us old souls have deep …read more
    • Why the Word “Try” is Banned in Our Home
      Lisa Pezik
      How often do you find yourself using the word TRY? Are you feeling stuck creating your online business? Are you struggling to move forward? If you want to make a change in your health, business or happiness you can’t just TRY. You either DO or …read more
    • How to Charge What You’re Worth
      Lisa Pezik
      Are you ready to start an online business or become an online course creator? Watch this video to help you understand how to charge what you are worth and what kind of consulting fees you should be adding.. it’s so much more than “billable …read more
    • The 5 Minute Sweet Spot to 10x Your Business and Life
      Lisa Pezik
      I walked off stage, grabbed my journal, and went right to the videographer to debrief. It wasn’t the time for celebration or hugs. I nailed my speech! Best delivery yet. 50 or so women entrepreneurs. They picked me to open the conference. First of 18 …read more
    • 3 Ways to Overcome Failure
      Lisa Pezik
      Are you feeling stuck creating your online business? Are you struggling to move forward? In this week’s Podcast of The Lisa Pezik Show – Lisa shares how important it is to invest the time in planning – understanding when to invest the time and when …read more
    • Discombobulated to Calm
      Sue Urda
      Discombobulated to Calm Do you think you have everything planned for the day ahead? How about the week ahead? That’s what I thought last week and then my whole week was upended by circumstances beyond my control. Nothing terrible happened – just a …read more