The Beauty of Authenticity


Share Your Story in our Next Anthology
The Beauty of Authenticity
Embracing Your Truth to Live a Life of
Meaning, Purpose, and Grace



Authenticity is being real, natural, and true.
Authenticity is you showing up fully in each moment.
Authenticity is YOU BEING YOU
with no hiding, excuses, or regrets.
It’s not being in your face, it’s simply being.
You being authentically you
is a gift for yourself AND the world.

Share Your Story of Embracing your Authenticity
in this inspiring anthology book.

You are already making a unique and meaningful contribution through your work, relationships, actions, and story. Why not exponentially multiply your reach by being part of a collaborative group of women who are doing it too? As you come together with other co-authors to authentically share messages of empowerment, healing, and transformation, you will be contributing to raise the vibration of people and the planet. That’s right—your story will empower and inspire the lives of everyone who reads it and the people they share it with.

Being an Author in The Beauty of Authenticity book
Exponentially Magnifies
Your Powerful Contribution and Inspiring Story.

Book Launch is Spring 2019

For All Coaches, Teachers, Trainers, Consultants, Healers,
Speakers, Aspiring Authors, and Empowered Women

Are you called to share your inspiring story?
Are you called to empower others on their journey?
Are you called to be a Published Author?
How about an Amazon Bestselling Author?
Now is the time to heed the call!

You’ve always dreamed of becoming an author because you want to help more people by sharing the lessons life has taught you, and now is the perfect time to do it.

Being a bestselling published author…

  • Gives you more exposure to a new audience
  • Provides a broad, new platform for you
  • Opens new doors to more clients and followers
  • Gives you immediate credibility and credentials
  • Makes people listen closer to what you teach
  • Affords more speaking engagements

The bottom line is that when you are a published author
there are simply more opportunities for you.

Is this you? … You’ve always wanted to write a book, but didn’t quite know how to do it. You know there is a story in you waiting to be told so that others may benefit. You’re ready to be an author but can’t imagine sitting down to write a whole book. You don’t know where to begin with the publishing process.

This is where the experience and expertise of Powerful You! Publishing comes in.

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We create Bestsellers. It’s what we do. And we’ll do it for you.

We’ve successfully published TEN Amazon Bestselling anthologies.

  • Seven of our books made it to #1 in at least one category on Amazon.
  • Three of our books ranked #2 in at least one category.
  • ALL of our books were #1 in Hot New Releases and ranked as Movers and Shakers.

Our Amazon Best Selling Books

AND WE RANKED HIGHER THAN some amazing leaders in personal development and spiritual growth, like Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins, Don Miguel Ruiz, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, and more.

IMAGINE saying these words…
Yes, these will be your words on launch day.

We’ve helped more than 300 women become published authors, AND we’ve provided them with the credential of being a Bestseller.

Here’s what our authors are saying about Powerful You! Publishing…

“I’m so grateful to have had the experience of working with Sue, Kathy and all of the brilliant trainers on a recent project, Keys to Conscious Business Growth, which is now an Amazon Bestseller! After meeting and getting to know Sue, I knew almost immediately that I wanted to participate in her anthology book. It had been my heart’s desire to write my own book for years but I never knew where to start. So, this was the perfect opportunity for me to take that first step. Sue and Kathy gave me a safe space to learn and create; and because I resonate with them and am passionate about their mission, it was an amazing opportunity to give back. So, we were a great match. And boy, did they make it easy!! They provided trainings, a great editor, and everything I needed to make it a smooth process. All I had to do was kick up my inspirational writing mojo! I still can’t believe the book is already published; it almost seems like a dream. And I now have the title of Bestselling, published author in an inspirational and actionable teaching guide, along with 19 other brilliant women – an amazing achievement for us all! The publication has integrity, is aligned, well-written, and incredibly valuable; it will support so many conscious entrepreneurs in getting their messages out into the world for years to come. Having that physical book in my hands and seeing my story and name in print is a huge milestone and a greater “coming out” in service to others. What a huge sense of accomplishment, love and joy. Would I do it again? You bet, and I look forward to doing just that again, soon. I want to deeply thank Sue and Kathy for their vision, love, support, and guidance as well as hard work; the collaborative effort of their team, and all of the heart-centered women who were on the project. Such a beautiful, aligned, fun, and worthwhile adventure!! I’m so grateful and blessed! “
Lisa Winston
Authenticity & Life Reinvention Coach

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“Working with Kathy, Sue, Sheri and our fantastic trainers on this project was absolutely one of the most professional, inspiring and fun projects I’ve ever undertaken! I had listened in on the informational call and gotten information on becoming a published author for the project several times and each time – I felt a tug on my heart to jump on board. I’m SO happy I finally decided to sign on! It is truly one of the best things I’ve ever done! You have all made this entire process so smooth, so seamless and so easy for all of us! I can’t thank you all enough! Your words of encouragement and cheering us on along the way made it feel like we were all part of a “family” of women who have a deep desire to help others on our journey! Holding our book in my hands the first time and really seeing my own story in print was indescribable! You helped me do it and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! You’ve thought of everything we needed and gave it all to us and then some! I feel truly blessed to be one of the co-authors and part of this inspiring group of women! I saw doors opening for me almost instantaneously! I simply can’t thank you enough!”
Christine Suva

THRIVE Coach Services, Inc.

“Initially I was nervous about making the commitment to write a chapter for “Journey To Joy”, but the resources and support I received from Powerful You! Publishing made all of my fears disappear. They definitely over delivered!! It is amazing how being a published author instantly raised my credibility among potential clients and other business owners in my network. Having a tangible product has given me a marketing tool to get speaking engagements and media opportunities. Thank you so much, Sue and Kathy! I am already outlining a story for your next publication.”
Kay Larrabee

Women on the Mend


“Since expressing my story “How I Healed From the Disease to Please,” I have experienced a catharsis that has deepened the relationship with myself as well enriched it with my parents. Writing my story clearly provoked an energetic release of emotions, and my physical body has become more aligned and tuned in to higher vibrations, from which I feel a sense of freedom physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Furthermore, I know it has touched people; I have received letters from women who relate to my story and would like assistance in navigating their journey. If you have a story to share and know it may help even one person and even if you have never written a story (as was the case with me) or do not know how to begin, I highly recommend working with Powerful You! Publishing. Sue and Kathy are very professional and offer a publishing process that will put you at ease and give you peace of mind. The step by step process, coupled with professional editing and training is far more valuable than the cost to participate in such a life affirming project for women around the world.Your story will effect someone somewhere, and if you are someone who desires to make a meaningful difference in the world, Powerful You! Publishing can assist you to make you do just that! “
Jennifer Connell
~ Conscious Leadership Development

“If you’re ready to launch your career, become a published author. Powerful You! Publishing is the way to go. You will be personally guided by the team through writing and marketing phases. The greatest part of working with this experienced team of Amazon bestseller publishers is just that, you get a whole team of publishers and co-authors to share the experience and success with. I highly recommend joining any book project Powerful You! Publishing does. “
Laura Rubinstein,CHt

Social Media and Marketing Strategist & Founder,



I never thought it would be possible because I felt I did not process the necessary writing skills. Thanks to PY! Publishing, I become a best selling author in less than 6 weeks! They simplified the process and supplied all the tools and experts while I made the decision to step out of my comfort zone and take that leap of faith. It was the most self-fulfilling project I have ever completed. I was able to share my message to the world and be an inspiration to others. This rewarding experience has helped me further solidify my passions in life. The experts were right, today, I receive amazing recognition and credibility but along the way, surprisingly, I found peace within. “
RoseMarie Couture DeSaro

FunBroker, 800.722.7552

“My experience as a first time author was outstanding! Kathy, Sue, and their team are so professional to work with. I learned so much about myself and about the book publishing process. It is one of the best career decisions I’ve ever made!!”
Bonnie Druschel

N.I.C.E. “Nature Inspired Creative Experiences”



“If you have the chance to participate in a Powerful You! book project, do it. You won’t be sorry. As you share your personal story, you will experience healing and gratitude like you’ve never experienced before. You will meet other courageous women. You will have the full support of a professional publishing team. When the book comes out, you will see doors open in front of you, relationships deepened, and a world you can’t even know right now as you’re reading this. Say “yes.” Believe you’re worth it.”
LaNette Parker
Coach*Author*Speaker*Human, Co-Author of Empowering Transformations for Women

“I would recommend Powerful You! Publishing, to anyone who wants to become a published author and wants to get it done as quickly and at the highest standardpossible. Powerful You! Publishing and their team of experts were professional, accommodating and punctual.  We were given an outline andtimelines that Sue and Kathy stuck to every step of the way.  Their heartfelt willingness to help, exceptional training and thorough marketing collateral, were invaluable. It’s simply “Amazing” within three months (from start to finish) our beautifully designed, spiritually inspired anthology book debuted on Amazon’s Best Sellers List.  OMG: The power of collective consciousness – Powerful You! Publishing is joyfully transforming lives! I look forward to partnering with Sue and Kathy on future anthology projects.”
Alisa L. Oglesby
~ Speaker, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Author, Founder, President OMG:WomenUnited

“This was a fantastic experience, much more than I ever imagined. The training helped me tremendously in terms of writing and communicating. The marketing of the book was excellent, the cover is beautiful, the editing terrific. I’m so glad I took the leap of faith and entered into this project. It is the perfect example of collaboration and the power of network marketing (with a heart!). I will definitely do it again!”
Madeline Ebelini

Integrative Mindfulness




“Working with Powerful You Publishing was the perfect step that I needed to become an author. Having a team of professionals to offer training and support gave me the confidence I needed to move forward with my dream. Thank you Sue and Kathy for putting together a very reasonably priced package and a clear system of support! “
Pat Jones
~ Healing Adventures




“The overall publishing process experience from our personal conversation, contractual agreement, your professional and proficient staff, absolutely made the entire publishing package a smooth, stress free and positive experience. The collaboration of all involved and the peace of knowing that I was working with a true expert in more ways than one was a refreshing experience! Your planned ‘before, during and after’ networking techniques were a nice component to the process as well. It is by no accident that we reached the top so quickly on Amazon but instead because of your foresight and hard working efforts and strong business techniques the book is a success. It warms my heart to be a part of this endeavor! My broker was so excited about the book she put a lovely half page article in the Staten Island Advance about me and mentioned the book! I can’t tell you how many calls I received. I love using the book as a lead and conversation piece and I have given many of them away. I feel blessed that I can reach so many individuals with our stories (both men and woman) if I may add! It is my pleasure being an author in this book and I look forward to becoming a part of your new book ‘Journey to Joy’.timelines that Sue and Kathy stuck to every step of the way.  Their heartfelt willingness to help, exceptional training and thorough marketing collateral, were invaluable. It’s simply “Amazing” within three months (from start to finish) our beautifully designed, spiritually inspired anthology book debuted on Amazon’s Best Sellers List.  OMG: The power of collective consciousness – Powerful You! Publishing is joyfully transforming lives! I look forward to partnering with Sue and Kathy on future anthology projects.”
Debbie Arrigo ~ Co-Author Empowering Transformations for Women, Realtor and School Administrator

“What an amazing experience! Sue and Kathy are wonderful women to work with. They are sensitive, gentle and encouraging. Several times I found myself blocked and dragging my feet, yet both Sue and Kathy worked closely and personally with me to make it all work smoothly and harmoniously. I am delighted to know them and hope to work with them again in the future!”
Lynda Flowers ~ MomMeRX, Inc.



” Participating in this project has been an incredible experience… it makes you dig deep down in your soul. You go through a feeling of total exposure, and then when it’s finally done… you think ~WOW~ what an amazing accomplishment!!! And such a therapeutic release of good endorphin’s!!!”
Suzanne Toepperwein ~ Alamo City Golf Trail



Is authenticity one of your core values?
Are you spirit-guided and heart-centered in your daily life?
Is love the essence of your existence?
Do you naturally assist others to live more consciously?

Then, right now is the right time for you to share your story
To help and reach even more people.


Everyone has a story. In fact, most people have lived through incredible circumstances and have come out stronger and more devoted to life for it. The stories in this book are transformational accounts of moving through fear, stagnation, and “unconscious” or inauthentic living into the expanse, ease, freedom, and beauty of life.

Author stories will reflect individual journeys of transformation, the discovery of life purpose and passions, the release of long-held fears and limiting beliefs, and the growth into a more authentic, heart-centered, love-focused, and vibrant individual. These stories may speak of working with clients to help them on their personal journeys of allowing spirit to guide their life. All stories will show the astonishing strength, courage, heart and soul that exists in each of us.

Do you realize how inspiring and motivational
your story will be for others to read?
Now the only questions is… What story will you share?


  • Design, editing, layout, professional registration
  • Exposure including your interview in a Summit, your tip in a free e-book, your articles on our publishing website
  • Promotional materials including, ads, articles, press releases
  • Amazon Bestseller Campaign
  • Team of collaborative co-authors
  • Expert Training including: Interview & Public Speaking Skills, Social Media Relationship Building, Writing Your Chapter, and Using Your Author Status to Grow Your Business
  • Guidance and support through the entire publishing process
  • Books and Bookmarks

Have You Always Dreamed of Becoming an Author?
Share Your Story of Empowerment & Become a Bestselling Author…

Still have questions? … Read these FAQS or give us a call.

Call Us at 239-280-0111 Eastern Time

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Why should I be a Co-Author with this book instead of writing one on my own?– You’ll save thousands of dollars.

– You’ll save hours of time writing, editing, planning, and marketing.
– You’ll have a team of built-in marketers expanding your reach for you.
– You’ll get valuable training from experts as part of your book package.
– You’ll receive the great satisfaction of working in collaboration.

2. If I already have a book, why should I be a part of this anthology?

This is more than just another book. Your book package includes step by step marketing training that you can use for your other books as well as growing your business, your list and your platform.You’ll also have other like-minded partners, your co-authors, with aligned audiences spreading your message every time they sell or give away a book.

You’ll also enjoy the sense of community, sisterhood and friendship of the other authors.

3. How do I know the other author’s stories and message will be aligned with my own?

That’s our job. We will select authors who resonate with the message and tone of the title and ones who are serious about sharing the message with others.

Just like you have attracted this book into your life, the other co-authors have attracted it into theirs. There is no mistaking the powerful energy of a collaborative process such as this, and all authors involved have a vested interest in the success of the book – just like you.

As you are discussing and selling this book to your audience, the other authors will be doing the same with theirs. That’s why the benefit and reach of an anthology book is exponentially multiplied. Through your partners, the co-authors, you’ll be touching readers you might not otherwise have reached.

4. What if I don’t have extra time to write?

If you can write an article and you have a story to share, we guarantee that participating in this anthology book is the fastest and least expensive way to get your message out to the masses. Since your chapter is approximately 1,800 words and you’ll receive expert consultation from our writing experts, we know you won’t want to pass up this opportunity to be a published author.

We will also be able to guide you to a ghost writer if that’s the way you choose to write your story.

5. Is it really worth the money?

Absolutely YES. Being a contributing author in this anthology book will provide automatic credibility for you and your business, a supply of books for you to sell and give away, one of the top marketing tools available and the great personal satisfaction of participating with other conscious individuals in this inspiring project.

AND, you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to participate. We offer three different packages, so you can participate at whatever level is comfortable for you. You’ll recoup the money you spend and even make money no matter which package you choose. We even offer a payment plan. And for the members of Powerful You! Women’s Network, there is a discounted price.

YOU can now join the nearly 300 women we’ve helped get published.

Are you ready to become a Bestselling Published Author?

Are you ready for immediate credibility & credentials?
Are you ready for business growth and open doors?

Seize the Day! This Opportunity is For YOU!



1. 25 Extra Books with your package ($499 value)

2. 1,000 Personalized Bookmarks ($85 value)

Your Total Extra Early Bird Value = $584


Growth Package
100 125 Books

SALE PRICE ~ $799.50

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Sage Package
400 425 Books

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