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Suzanne S. Bailey

Energy Coach & Intuitve Healer
Move out of Pain and into Power,
Experience Peace
I Can Show You How!

What’s Surfing Got to Do with It?
United States
Stoked to be Woke! Join the Party Wave!

Suzanne is a healer with a passion for helping people move out of pain and into power so they can experience peace in their minds, bodies, and spirits. She is a vessel for Source energy, a Reiki Master, and is certified in Healing Beyond Boarders, Awakening Dynamics, and Light Bridge. In 2016, during a shamanic ceremony in Peru, Suzanne committed herself to being “the hands and feet of God.” She keeps this promise every day in her practice, combining intuitive healing with energy coaching and belief-sculpting to help put her clients in the driver’s seat and create magical, joy-filled lives. She offers individual sessions remotely and in person, as well as group healing programs, workshops, and retreats.

My passion is spreading love, light, and joy, and bringing people home to their inner healer and guru. Let's join arms and move to livin' 5D!

Energy moves faster than the speed of light and we are all energy. I help my clients remove blocks, clear traumas, and assist with subconscious mind reprogramming while teaching tools and techniques for living healthy, awakened, empowered lives filled with peace, joy and fun!

I offer 20-minute complimentary consults to get to know me and see if we are fit to work together. As a conduit for source energy, each session is a customzied combination of modalities that are best suited for each client. I get quick results and you will learn tools and techniques to become your own healer and guru. We ALL have the power to heal within us.

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind. "
~ Caroline Myss

My journey has been long and challenging, so much so that I feel like I should have a PHD! There is new energy on the planet and I think people can awaken and heal more quickly now so I want to use what I have learned to help as many people as possible move to 5D livin' ASAP so they can help others. It is time to be WOKE!

I love adventure, the outdoors, and in particular, stand-up paddle surfing. I like to travel, meet new people, and dance. I also enjoy spending time with friends and family and sharing life & love with anyone who is open to receive it.

My practice is focused on, but not limited to, women's health in the areas of bladder issues, infertility, anxiety, insomnia, birth and surgery trauma (including newborns). My signaure group programs are BladderUp! for leaky bladder and coming later in 2020, Make A Baby for infertility. More group programs are in the works, becuase I love doing group work! I also enjoy working with athletes, having been one all my life! I welcome being a part of your healing team of doctors and other practicitoners as well.

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