Healthy, Abundant, and Wise

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Healthy, Abundant, and Wise
Stories by inspired individuals who got there, live there, and discovered their innate power along the way

By Sue Urda & Kathy Fyler

Publication Date: May 2016
Format: Paperback
Pages: 150

Price: $19.95

Live in a Space of Abundance Every Day.

For some of us, it takes years to come to a place of ease, and we must struggle through circumstances we wouldn’t wish on anyone before we come to what we knew in our hearts was possible all along. For others there is a pivotal moment, a shift in perception, or a dramatic, perhaps painful event that forever changes them. When one has lived it, they feel compelled to share their newfound knowing with others—that is true of the authors is this book.

These incredible individuals have discovered a way to live that feels good to them, serves a higher purpose, and feeds their spirits. They share their transformations to benefit and assist others, and to light the way with encouragement and love from a place of newfound and deep wisdom, and as you read their stories you’ll be filled with encouragement, inspiration, and hope.

Healthy, Abundant, and Wise is a collection of stories that reflect the emotions, decision-points, and transformations familiar and personal to each of us. These stories are a gift of wisdom from the authors to you.

Discover these Gifts of Transformation and Abundance:

  • Self-love is the basis for empowerment and joy
  • How to recognize a spiritual awakening
  • Worthiness is a gift that you were born with
  • Caring for our aging parents beginning with ABC
  • Belonging and self-acceptance must come from within
  • Divorce is both an end and a beginning
  • The connection between physical and emotional pain
  • Changing your surroundings changes your life energy
  • Releasing the past is one step in moving forward with ease
  • Follow your heart for personal and business growth
  • Grief, despair, and pain come with their own gifts


About Sue Urda & Kathy Fyler

Sue and Kathy have been friends for 27 years and business partners since 1994. They have received awards and accolades for their businesses over the years and they love their latest foray into anthology book publishing where they provide a forum for women to achieve their dreams of becoming published authors. Their pride and joy is Powerful You! Women s Network, which they claim is a gift from Spirit. They love traveling the country producing meetings and tour events to gather women for business, personal and spiritual growth. Their greatest pleasure comes through connecting with the many inspiring and extraordinary women who are a part of their network. The strength of their partnership lies in their deep respect and understanding of one another as well as their complementary skills and knowledge. Kathy is a technology enthusiast and free-thinker. Sue is an author and speaker with a knack for creative undertakings. Their love for each other is boundless. Together their energies combine to feed the flames of countless women who are seeking truth, empowerment, joy, peace and connection with themselves, their own spirits and other women.